Building Envelope Consulting Services

We offer a wide variety of services. Browse our services below and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Quality Assurance Testing

We perform AAMA / ASTM testing on building elements to analyze whether products have anomalies, or installation defects. Most requested tests include: AAMA 501; ASTM D4541; AAMA 511; ASTM E783; ASTM E1105; and ASTM E1186. Testing is most effective at the new construction phase, but can also be used to diagnose building issues after construction.

Forensic Analysis

Buildings will deteriorate over time. Investigation is required to ensure that aging building elements are remedied prior to imminent failure. Keeping your building in good condition will help to protect you from liability, and others from being injured. We are able to diagnose buildings of all different types.

Roof Consulting

The Roof is the most expensive part of your building. When your building has issues, often times it can be attributed to the roof. The roof requires the highest amount of maintenance. Extend the life of your roof with Building Envelope Solutions. We perform roof assessments, advise on re-roof or complete tear off to the steel deck, and can create a Scope of Work to specify products and installation practices.

Property Condition Assessment

A Property Condition Assessment is most helpful when you are either acquiring or selling your property. We conduct a roof, wall, and parking lot analysis for a reduced package price so that you are reasonably informed of the building condition. A Property Condition Assessment helps weigh the benefits of the transaction at the negotiating table.

Wall Consulting
Walls are an integral building element. We observe and analyze walls for deficiencies of product and defect of installation. A competent wall consultant can ensure your wall is constructed to specifications.
Waterproofing Consulting

Waterproofing is the barrier that keeps moisture from intruding into your building. Waterproofing often requires an attention to installation detail. A competent waterproofing consultant will help ensure that the waterproofing application is installed to specifications.

Door & Window Consulting

Doors and windows, or fenestrations, provide a mixture of utility and aesthetics to the building. However, with function brings defects. A competent fenestration consultant can help ensure your fenestrations are installed to specifications.


We offer a full-service OSHA compliant lockout/tagout program. “[OSHA] rules mandate that employers establish energy control lockout/tag-out procedures. . . .”  29 C.F.R. § 1910.147(c)(1).”

• We do case-by-case customized procedures for each facility of any size or complexity.

• State-of-the-art technology is used to professionally identify, analyze, and document procedures.

• Continuing investigation services can improve, replace, or bring up-to-date your facility’s procedure.

Parking Lot Consulting

A parking lot can appear to be a hassle-free area for any building owner; however, there are hidden errors that may appear inconspicuous to the untrained observer. Changes in weather patterns may affect your parking lot. Also, contractor oversights within parking lots have been on the rise; even a small oversight can affect the usability and life of your lot.

Important issues that are commonly overlooked include: drainage, inconsistent gradients, ponds, erosion, pot-holes, also deficient/ improperly mixed materials used in paving, and whether an asphalt or concrete paving is in the owner’s best interest. This can lead to a foreseeable risk to others, and the untimely failure and breakdown of a parking lot. We can advise on methods to extend the life of your parking lot, and specify the best industry standards for your repair.

Contractors look out for their own best interests. We care about yours! Do not pay for poor construction. We look out for your best interest.

Water Intrusion Solutions

A building owner will face many adverse weather conditions throughout the life of their structure. The summer-winter cycle will cause your building to expand and contract. Roofs, walls, and basements may begin to leak as a result of building movement. This creates various building issues which require a competent professional. Building Envelope Solutions will help you find the cause of the building water intrusion and create a plan to fix the issue.

Air Barrier Auditing

Building Envelope Solutions has licensed air barrier auditors through the Air Barrier Association of America (“ABAA”). Building code is being updated, and building scientist have shown the value of having an air barrier installed on structures. Installation of an air barrier requires a licensed installer, and a myriad of advanced industry techniques. Ensure that you satisfy all requirements of the ABAA by auditing your current installation. This audit is mandatory for ABAA specified installations.

Demand the ABAA quality assurance program and an ABAA accredited contractor for your air barrier installation.