Building Envelope Solutions, LLC

Building Envelope Solutions provides professional building envelope consulting services. These building envelope services include: roofing, air barrier, wall waterproofing, and below earth waterproofing for new and existing buildings. At Building Envelope Solutions, we focus on forensic building science and investigation, while addressing the human-element to each building.

Building Envelope Solutions also practices consulting in the construction industry, including design review, specification review, and performing ASTM and AAMA quality assurance testing. At Building Envelope Solutions, we advise clients on how to make informed decisions regarding their building. If you have a building condition where no one else can figure it out, then Building Envelope Solutions is prepared to help resolve building issues.

Building Envelope Solutions operates with three core members: Tom Kita – Principle Building Envelope Consultant, Roof Consultant, ABAA Field Auditor; Matthew Ritchie – Registered Roof Consultant, ABAA Field Auditor, COSA Special Inspector; and Thomas Kita, Jr. – Building Envelope Consultant, ABAA Field Auditor, and Construction Mediator.