Building Envelope Solutions, LLC

Building Envelope Solutions provides professional building envelope consulting services. These building envelope services include: roofing, air barrier, wall waterproofing, and below earth waterproofing for new and existing buildings. At Building Envelope Solutions, we focus on forensic building science and investigation, while addressing the human-element to each building.

Building Envelope Solutions also practices consulting in the construction industry, including design review, specification review, and performing ASTM and AAMA quality assurance testing. At Building Envelope Solutions, we advise clients on how to make informed decisions regarding their building. If you have a building condition where no one else can figure it out, then Building Envelope Solutions is prepared to help resolve building issues.

Building Envelope Solutions operates with three core members: Tom Kita – Principle Building Envelope Consultant, Roof Consultant, ABAA Field Auditor; Matthew Ritchie – Registered Roof Consultant, ABAA Field Auditor, COSA Special Inspector; and Thomas Kita, Jr. – Building Envelope Consultant, ABAA Field Auditor, and Construction Mediator.

We now offer Roof Maintenance Checklist Reviews.

Building Envelope Solutions offers a Roof Maintenance Program on commercial buildings. This program is designed to allow building owners to receive valuable feedback on the condition of their roof by a Registered Roof Consultant.

Adverse weather has recently hit Texas; weather with high-winds, hail, hurricane-force rain, and hundred-degree heat will challenge your building. The damage to a building during these conditions varies from extreme to minor–at Building Envelope Solutions, we address each of the conditions; however, building owners often do not take notice of minor issues caused by adverse weather. When these minor issues go unchecked, and without repair, they become major issues down the road with costly repairs.

Did you know the majority of manufacturer roof warranties require the owner to perform semi-annual inspections and repair minor issues

As Roof Consultants, we know this, and we know what the manufacturers look at when evaluating an insurance claim for a roof. It may shock you to hear that not all weather related damage is covered. Building Envelope Solutions will help clarify what is likely covered.

The Building Envelope Solutions Roof Maintenance Program is designed to keep you within your existing manufacturer’s roof warranty. This can be done by performing semi-annual inspections, and timely maintenance. Moreover, if your roof was installed within the past two years, you likely have an existing contractor’s roof warranty. Contractor warranties will typically last between 1 – 3 years; however, if the contractor is not informed of the damage to the roof, then they will not perform warranty repairs. Building Envelope Solutions will perform an on-site visit to document the conditions to be repaired.

Your roof is the most expensive side of your building, and will age faster than the rest of your building (i.e. your exterior wall cladding may look exceptional, but the roof can be damaged). Building Envelope Solutions can prolong the life of your roof and mitigate damages by recommending repairs. Fave the peace of mind that your building is in a good condition.

Contact Building Envelope Solutions today to schedule a Roof Maintenance Inspection. Our semi-annual rates begin at $899 per roof*. This includes an on-site visit.

*prices may vary due to building size, location, and complexity. Discounts are provided for multiple properties.